Tuesday, July 19, 2011


where have you been Margo? where is your blog Margo? what happened? what is going on? are you super lame now? blah de blah bloo blah. I have been booked up with the craziest of craziness. i hope you all understand. picking out paint,having yardsales,scrubbing kitchen cabinets, Moses managed to get walking pnemonia AND mono in less than a month...., my Mom came to visit, we went to a funeral for Brian's sweet sweet Great Aunt Hattie near Holly River in WV,a sudden horrible food allergy that cause my mouth and face to swell and become itchy, wedding planning,bathroom remodeling,packing boxes of endless junk, packing Moses for camp, Jesus-Wiccan Earth Goddess-Muhhamed-Spaghetti Monster help me get thru this summer?Since I'm having a short break right now before Papa gets home, I thought I would catch you up. As the wedding gets closer, I'm having less and less time to do this.Also, ALL of my close friends that would be able to help me with wedding decorations and painting the house are at the beach. yesh.the beach. if i werent so sweet i would curse them with sandy cracks and jellyfish stings with a side of sun poisoning....I posting something tommorrow about the bathroom redo but i thought i could give you a another neato idea that is part of our wedding? :) they are eco-friendly and very safe so take that poo-pooers(you KNOW who you are). also? they are beautiful and inexpensive!!
                                  ~Sky Lanterns~