Sunday, May 29, 2011

~Keepin' it Simple~

I love laundry on the line. Growing up my Mom always did it. Now out of habit I do too when the weather permits. Wash your clothes with cool water and hang to dry. It takes alot less time to dry in the breeze and sunshine and it always smells better. I've been messing with the color, contrast,etc on pics for a surreal dreamy feeling. Fun! and having all our clothes and sheets  smell like all the honeysuckle blooming in our yard is just plain awesome. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

~Oh So Good~

My sweet friend and I hit an estate sale early this morning. They had loads of goods and bads(dirty birdcage*not cool*had too much pewp*and even a dirty trash can for sale) email me if you are interested;) Of course I hit the records.... and Jen found me a polaroid camera in the case with three packs of film for $5 yay! the person had a complete collection of tupperware from the beginning to end and I did find a collectible "antique" as one woman called it.......When I opened the camera, a bunch of pills came out! granny's secret stash! Don't worry I flushed em! I can't find my camera but I wanted to get this post finished so use your imagination of all my crap piled up on the table...

Monday, May 23, 2011

~8 Weeks to a Better Me~

wow kiddies. I  just can't stop moving. I got the summer fever big time this year. I met my 25 mile challenge a day early on sat and chilled yesterday. I decided to up it again(holy crud) and try for 35... I did 8 today so I'm doing good and its only Monday. I'm pretty sunburnt and sore but my energy has been thru the roof the past couple days. I mean I go to bed and lay there wide awake which never happens. I'm excited to going swimming like nobodys business. I dabbled with the idea of trying a raw food diet for a week but I think I will wait until the produce drops in a couple weeks.

                               ~Week #3~
*plan our engagement photos
*35 miles this week
*invent a new smoothie
*take my vitamins(naughty naughty i usually don't)
*p.s. i gave up on spending any time on beauty treatments as a result im growing a beard, my gray streak is showing,and my cuticles look like a mummies

Sunday, May 22, 2011

~8 Days a Week~

I feel like every time I write this post I am so tired from the busy weekend.Then, I whine about how busy I was and  throw some pictures at you so that you can make it through the week. So I won't do that this time..... I'll just keep it down to the....


I'm doing some light reading then going to bed early.I'm trying to hit the gym at 5am this week. I hope you all have a great spectacular non-end-of-the-world-normal-shitty-work-week.And yes. I did read the naughtyknittywords on the last pic.Teehee!I also don't condone or tolerate animal knitting(boo) but you need to know what is happening outside your television people.


~Fix Me Something Sunday~

Drooling yet? me too. Greek yogurt. You can use it for anything! Find the sources to these tasty photos right here mmk.  popsicles are tasty ok?  and here mmmright? oh yeah and this strange*lame*
but yes.. go get that popsicle recipe and eat it guilty free in the sunshine! finally! I've been filling up on tasty yogurt and I finished my 25 miles challenge a day early yesterday so I chilled and cleaned the house and did some other things on my to do list.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

~Wedding Ideas~

so I'm thinking I wanna sash for my wedding dress.... no, not the ones from David's Bridal that are plain and blah de blah. something vintagey. something lovely. something whimsical and romantic. here ya go....

                ~Kiss My Sash~

 source#1,source#2,source#3(old JCrew2009),source#4,source#5,source#6,source#7,source#8

doh. As you can see I've got a bunch of styles to choose from! I wish I could wear em all but I can't! Have a favorite? email me or leave a comment! I just can't decide!

~Currently Spinning~

                                  ~Elliot Brood~

This 3 piece of awesomeness refers to their style as "death country". Some instruments for songs include a Wildwood Openback banjo with the 5th string and tuner removed, an old toaster, and an occasional suitcase for a kickdrum. Fun! They don't have any new albums yet.... but I am keeping my fingers crossed and enjoying their older stuff until then. oh yeah.... get your own Mp3's at amazon by clicking on this link below

Monday, May 16, 2011

~8 Weeks to a Better Me~

so last week I did alot of water drinking!and then alot of water eliminating! I figured out a salad made from green leaf lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers and avacados with a sprinkle of fatfree dressing is my new favorite. I figured out I need a new pair of walking/trail shoes badly. I figured out 15 miles in a week really isnt alot. I also figured out that the one hour minimum for body maintence is damn near impossible!

                                        ~Week 2~
*still drink 64 ounces of water
*up the stakes to 25 miles this week
*try to squeeze in 30 minutes of some kind of shaving this week
* try a new veggie(bok choy stirfry with tofu sounds yummy)
* patch my dang pants
*write an old friend a sweet letter the old fashioned way
*watch cartoons with Moses(we do alot of this..but you have cherish the moments right?)

                                  wish me luck and I hope you guys are partaking in the 8 week challenge. and if you are email me and let me know how it's going and what goals you guys have! this post is inspired by a fellow friend/blogger over at Sometimes Sweet so swing by and check her out as well.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

~8 Days a Week~

Busy day. but a good busy day. We drove to the capitol and I played dress up with some fancy schmancy wedding dresses. The lady helping me was awful but thankfully my dear friend Jen was there to save the day and grab some of the dresses I was wanting to try on. I'm super pooped but I guess I can whip up a batch of 8 something prettys.

                                    ~Pillow Talk~

source #1

source #2

source #3

source #4

source #5

source #6


source #8

yeah. now you are shleepy just like me. and now you know about my horrible pillow fetish. you can click on the link to source#5 to get the tutorial DIYfor that sweet lil lovebird number. how funny are those scrabble pillows!?and the "his&mine"? I want them all. ~Sleep tight sweet readers.~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~Wedding Ideas~

                              ~ Le Dessert Table ~

So our dessert table is well on its way to becoming a master piece of sweets. I saw a bunch of cool ideas where brides had bought vintage dishes for the actual dinner place settings. I thought that over 75 dinner plates might be daunting but I still wanted to incorporate the idea so I'm buying smaller mix match ones at thrift stores and yardsales for the dessert table. I still have a few to go but I've definately gotten some neat ones and the guy I'm renting our table clothes from said he might be interested in buying some stuff after the wedding.

Monday, May 9, 2011

~8 Weeks to a Better Me~

As a Mama I'm constantly putting other things first. We all do it. "I have 6 loads of laundry, a track meet, clean the bathroom and fix dinner! I dont have to time to hang out on the elliptical tonight!" WELL. I am putting myself in charge of myself for 8 weeks. It's a physical, spiritual, nutritional, positive, mind changing challenge. I will make weekly goals in addition to some long term ones. I think everyone has room for improvement and i think if I can do some small tweaks to my life I can benefit in the long run. I've delegated some of the extra work around here to Papa and Moe and they seem very eager to help so that I have time for all of it.

              ~WEEK ONE~
*eat 5 full servings of fruits&veggies a day
(this is harder than you think)

* walk,hike,run,elliptic,ride my bike,etc. 15 miles this week

*yoga at least one day this week

* 60 minutes total a day towards physical beauty(nairing my mustache,deep conditioning my hair, clippin my toenails) you get the can be broken up as long as it totals 60!

*support a local Mom-n-pop style business

*patch my favorite jeans

* go to bed before 10:00p.m. M-Thurs

* drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday

In spirit of Mothers day I encourage you all to join in this 8 week journey. I have alot of me time for the next two months. If you can't get ahold of me I'm probably waxing my back or eating dandelions(which are tasty by the way....)

~Mother Lover's~

We had a whirlwind weekend ladies'n'lads. It consisted of :driving to my awesome Mom's in Indiana on Saturday, catching a concert at Madison Theatre in Covington, KY, then driving home yesterday,then driving out to the family river lot for a Momma's Day cookout and some outdoor fun, then driving to see my wonderful Step-Momma and give her a beautiful hanging basket. Here is a few pics to just sum up my crazy weekend. 

                       ~ Weekend Roadtrip~

~a lil like this~

~ and not so much this~ 

~ amish stand for Mother's Day goods~
~catching a show in KY~
~waking up to these lil guys on Mother's Day!Aren't they sweet!~

~ watching everyone eat these but not eatin' one myself :( it's ok.~

I'm glad to be home and catch up on just being here! Today kicks off a new post and something exciting that is all about me.