Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Wedding Ideas!~

yup. I'm incorporating an exclamation point. I like it better. I wasn't sure how to present all my ideas for the wedding for you guys so I'm going to do it a post at a time and then maybe spill the beans with all the other stuff? Dunno. First, Brian and I are wanting a vintagey earthy theme since we are getting married outside on a historic island(yes, even if it's raining!we dont mind). After some talking we decided to go with our favorite colors:mine-green,his-gray(think silver)and white. blah de blah. so here is something for now.

                         ~Le Dessert Table~

~this is my favorite one so far~

~ a picnic dessert table? yes please.~
~very earthy~
~pretty cake~
~healthy and pretty~
~ i like all the things with sticks in em... wonder what they are?~

~i love this one too~
~the sweetest~

So there ya have it. I'm having a simple white cake on a woodsy cakestand with some other goodies. I will have a banner of some sort. No veggies of course but maybe some fruit?Or fruit pies? a pumpkin pie? oh yum. Go tend to that sweet tooth and hurry back soon!

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