Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Salad Mix~

 Very first gardening blog post of this year!! Salad Mix is random nonsensical gardening tips or tricks. I've been viewing homemade compost bin making videos in hopes to make our own before summer hits. They are all just completely cheesy but very informative. Here is one that was the most cheesy but also the most easy. They broke it down into very easy steps that almost anyone can follow. Again I would like to apologize for the extremely ridiculous intro. Happy Composting! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

~8 Days a Week: Hey Shady Friday 13th~

lamps have nothing to do with Friday the 13th with us....but they have been something I've been searching for and I know what I want even though I couldn't find it an image of it online.. I'll know it when I see it and I refuse to pay more than $20.00 for a set(probably at an estate sale).. Yes, I'm cheap and difficult and I'm my own worst enemy. Believe me..I KNOW. But I'm also content with my final decisions and I take time to get the right thing. I'm picky. Here is a sample of what I'm looking for.... I guess you could call it drip glaze pottery but I want the textures to be different and I want them to be more pear shaped.. these are all very lovely though! images-12,3,4,5,6,7,8      they all have great but different looks,colors and even shades. I would take any of them if I found them tomorrow. I will continue my exciting treasure hunt for big ugly Brady Bunch lamps that I'm sure everyone else will hate except me. Time to turn off my lights. ~m