Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ Wedding Ideas~

Brian and I wanted a smaller simple wedding that is low in cost but high in fun.We are doing alot of things ourselves(decorations,etc.)and we are avoiding alot of the traditional stuff that society makes you think you have to do for a wedding. I will let you guys see some sneak peeks... with a little more than 5 months to go we have gotten alot of stuff done. Here are some ideas i've been thinkin about as wedding favors......

~potted herbs~

~a customized candy bar ~ free download for wrapper  here

~chalkboard painted magnets~
( use them for guests names then they can take them home)

~a smores kit~
(these would be great since we can have a bonfire at our reception site)

~ a lil white pumpkin~
I'm already using these for part of our decorations.
How sweet would it be for people just to grab em out of a big basket?
Or maybe a packet of pumpkin seeds?

~cupcake in a jar~
What? yes, best for last... these would be alot of work but... dang they are sooo cool. 


  1. I love all the ideas! Cupcakes would get expensive with the jars. The potted plant would be nice. Are the pumpkins going to be in season by then? Smores are cool. Maybe even vases of roses made from hershey hugs and kisses? Love ya!

  2. Cool stuff! Margie may be right but cup cake in jar sounds fantastic. Doing great so far! Very excited to see how it will all come together

  3. I love the plant idea!!! A bag of seeds is cheap, the little pots are cheap and you, ya crafty little devil, can paint the pots any way you want...who DOESN"T love fresh rosemary or mint?!??

  4. My sister did the deserts in a jar for my niece's wedding Memorial Day weekend. She used the small jar and it wasn't expensive at all. She did them the day before the wedding and they were a huge hit! I love that idea!