Monday, May 2, 2011

~8 Days a Week~

whoo wee! yesterday we did yardwork at both houses and the new house has 2 years worth of leaves,weeds, overgrowth and debris! We were super wiped out last night after dinner and because of dishes and complete exhaustion I didnt do my scheduled posts. This week will be filled with some more wedding planning and I would like to have it finished by the end of the month! Wish me luck! oh p.s. I will be spillin all mah details soon..... But here is...
              ~ Malorie's Sweet-n-Rustic Wedding~

~Burlap Banners~

~Burgundy Bridesmaids~
(these great dresses are by Twobirds)

~maybe some yummy pink cotton candy for the guests?~

~ a pair of wedding cowgirl boots~
~ some handmade lovely signs~

~some lovely lit mason jars~
~ silly cake toppers~
~ green apples~
this idea didnt make Malorie's final cut but I loved it so I had to give em a wink-n-nod!She's a teacher!

Malorie's Wedding will be absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy for her! This is just my spin on some of the things she told me about and a little extra.

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