Friday, October 26, 2012

~This kid~

This kid... hes not a kid anymore. I've been looking thru these older pics(from two years ago)..not that old but still...he's changed. He's growing up. I've been having an incredibly hard time with it lately. Tearing my heart anxiety..I'm excited about it...but it's non stop over the top bittersweet. You know those photos that froze time and freeze your heart? oh sweet baby boy.. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Moonrise Kingdom Weekend~

this long 4 day weekend may get the best of the best of the best of me. fall wreath making(yeah imma gonna do it while movie watching, a pizza induced Lord of the Rings movie marathon sleep over for Moe and his buddy, a craft show and a Adult Halloween Party. Any who, I recently decided to try Amazon Instant Video. This is a INCREDIBLE PERK and I suggest you all try it. We linked it up to the Xbox easy peasy. It's similar to Netflix but you can put it all in your library/cloud. I love common sense organized accessibility. Oh and this movie..... adorably excellent.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

~ Fall Cravings~

As a lover of garage sales, thrift stores, curb side junk pick up and shopping for deals in general it has been VERY hard for me the last 6 months. I made a personal vow to get rid of ALL our excess stuff, organize a lil sewing and craft area with the some of the free space for myself, and just retrain my thoughts before I made time to go "shop" for anything. "Don't buy it unless you LOVE IT or NEED IT." is my mantra.I would like to interject now that I do NOT have a shopping problem nor do I have a hoarding problem. I just hate clutter and love empty space. I've made simplifying our lives a mission. Well... I still like to keep a ongoing picture list on my phone or in a folder on the laptop of things I'm on the hunt for just in case I am out. This includes things we need but also things I want,things I may want to use for projects or possible gift items. Yesterday, I was killing some time until Moe got done with his Wilderness Survival Club after school and decided to just do a pop in at a local thrift hole... It proved to be an excellent idea!

                                                          What I was craving......
leather ankle boots

 a white queen size bedspread cover with pom poms....

a colorful stripey hippie cardigan

                                                       What I found......
a YELLOW queensize bedspread cover!!!! this is IDENTICAL to the one I originally was searching for and will look great with our gray duvet cover and white bedding! kind of freaky... $3.00

leather ankle boots that fit perfectly $2.00 (yep. I buy used shoes)

a stripey hippie cardigan with front pockets:)  $1.50
I still love the original blueish and turquoise cardigan above.. but this does the job and that one sold ages ago.
                                     so there you have it. cravings curbed for now...things I'm still on the look out for : a nice fall wreath(i will probably end up making one), random wood picture frames (with the glass still intact! harder to find than you would think) for a frame wall I'm making, a soft well used men's flannel shirt for weekend lounging, and vintage Christmas bulbs. Do you have something you are looking for right now? My searching is always changing and keeping it at a extremely low budget makes it fun and slightly adventurous on a very nerdy level. Happy Hunting Friends!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

~Color Palettes: Moth ~

                I saw this image recently and made a few color palettes with it at   this site. I originally thought the colors would be nice for our master bedroom & bath. But after a bit I fell harder in love with it... I imagined styling a fall outfit, making a piece of jewelry,  or even using a whole color theme throughout our house. The color combos are really endless but all earthy and lovely. You can make a palette using any image you wish and then you can style it. Colour Lovers is completely free and after you publish your creation it links actual paint colors that match the swatches in your palette! Fun! The best part of this whole thing is that a color theme is already made for you. So if you really love a soft minty gentle turquoise...but want a natural flow in your house here you go.  A lot of times people have 3 or 4 colors painted in their home that don't family well and make a "patchworky" house. That is charming in its own way but not for everyone. Have fun color loving and feel free to share your creations!

Friday, October 5, 2012


raveled in fall and the magic of it all....
Listening to this song. My class is learning "Country Roads"  right now in music and it makes me terribly sappy and teary EVERY time I hear them singing it. They are so passionate about it and really tear it up. I am so very proud to watch them learn a song they will sing the rest of their lives and that I get to work with our L'il Mountaineers. Those rosey cheeked grubby handed cuties are more adorable than kittens. All their little quotes like "my shirt is upside up"(instead of inside out), or how they never quite get the days of the week right, how when you get all 70 of them outside and a squirrel mistakenly hops onto the playground they all lose their minds and chase it like a pack of dogs, or how when they ask me what I'm knitting and I reply with a huge sigh and say " I'm making a scarf for a giraffe." they believe me entirely and cheer me on in awe. Oh, those sweet sweet babies. 
Baking this bread.
It's the best recipe I've used for banana bread ever.

Missing these two awesome humans. A lot.

Knitting this cowl

Appreciating the antique jade charm Brian surprised me with on our anniversary weekend.

Things haven't been perfect lately. Our weeks have been stuffed with rushing to  Dr.s appointments across town , way too much work for Brian and I, really late last minute dinners, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, those lovely fallen leaves that keep getting tracked into our house, an outside cat that wants to be an inside cat, a dog that is really not happy about said cat, an average of  less than 5 hours of sleep a night, and the daunting promise of a weekend full of cleaning house and yard work. Hmmmm...Maybe tomorrow will be more about sleeping in late and snuggling that darling beardy husband, shuffling my feet in those rustled leaves and shaggy grass, a nice long phone call to my Mama, a visit to my little lamb of a niece,  and a lil more banana bread with a side of knitting....maybe.....