Sunday, May 15, 2011

~8 Days a Week~

Busy day. but a good busy day. We drove to the capitol and I played dress up with some fancy schmancy wedding dresses. The lady helping me was awful but thankfully my dear friend Jen was there to save the day and grab some of the dresses I was wanting to try on. I'm super pooped but I guess I can whip up a batch of 8 something prettys.

                                    ~Pillow Talk~

source #1

source #2

source #3

source #4

source #5

source #6


source #8

yeah. now you are shleepy just like me. and now you know about my horrible pillow fetish. you can click on the link to source#5 to get the tutorial DIYfor that sweet lil lovebird number. how funny are those scrabble pillows!?and the "his&mine"? I want them all. ~Sleep tight sweet readers.~

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