Sunday, January 6, 2013

~ Sickies~

We have had and are continuing to have the worst case of sickies to ever happen upon our lil love nest. I have been sick for WEEKS. After finishing a prescribed antibiotic and still feeling awful now my son has it. Usually, I have a natural more gentle approach but this epidemic has called for all out warfare. Here are some things to have in your home in case you and your loved ones fall victim.
 1.   A NETIPOT (this is the one we own. you can buy a basic plastic one at any drug store) this can relieve many sinus and cold symptoms by irrigating your nasal passages with a saline rinse. We use distilled water and seasalt. I have heard some people use baking soda. The benefits are amazing and can kick a sinus infection or cold to the curb in a few days. Here is more INFO

2. Essential Oils~ I use a basic set of these 3 regularly. Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender. I like to put them in my Scentsy burners or tart burners around the house with a scent free wax. The oils clear the air and clear everyones sinuses. Check out the awesome things these guys can do. 
Peppermint~   Here        
Lavender~ Here

3. Lemon Water~ read more here.(this is an awesome healthy blog link by the way) but basically it's just a citrus-y magical drink that you should be chugging even if you aren't feeling bad. plus its super yummy! just keep a few lemons on hand. sometimes I mix in a little crystal light lemonade to feel like it's something a little more...exciting.

4. Emergen C~ this stuff usually kicks ass although lately it's done NOTHING. sometimes we mix it with half oj and half sprite. 

5. Healthy sickie foods~ greens, fruits, broths, homemade yogurt smoothies,juices, chia seeds, jello, wholegrains, beans and garlic. Incorporating good nutrition is a big deal at our home and I really pride myself on it. We do eat brownies and naughty things occasionally. Balance is key. 

6. Vitamins~ I have used a daily prenatal for years. It has more folic acid and iron. Taking it as opposed to a normal vitamin doesn't matter in the long run(some will argue this) and i can notice the extra kick i get. 

7. Clean Bedding~ these need changed weekly(wash pillows too) regardless. when you are sick you should wash them EVERYDAY. especially if the flu is going through your home. 

8. Clean your house!~ bathrooms and kitchens are hot spots. you can use a non toxic cleaner like vinegar  find here ....or whatever you think need.... just keep it cleaned and germ free. especially when you have lil ones scattering around. Open a window to get some fresh cool air blow through for a little bit. 

There are of course many things like a thermometer, heating pad, vaporizer, essential oil diffuser, air purifier, etc. you can have in your home to be ready. Things like fruitcups, tea, jello and carbonated soda like ginger ale stocked are always good to have on hand and will save you an annoying sick trip to the store. I hope you all stay sick free this season and good luck! 

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  1. Fabulous information here! Look what I posted earlier today on facebook. It is a natural remedy for coughs, sore throats, colds, etc. By the way - I think you should also keep your spare bedroom extra clean because I might come live with you. It sounds like you would take good care of me and feed me well. :)