Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~You are out of time!~

OH. Haiiiii.... I forgot about posting those guys lists but I  have had them done for a while. I promise to post them in the next two days. We have some emotionally exhausting things going on.... to the point of being excited for Christmas to be over... I know it sounds terrible. But I think we all feel the same way this year. The fake pretty white tree and the amazing awesome smelling real tree are up, I have 4 knitting projects to do before the 27th(lets be honest. I am out of time), i have NO gifts wrapped, a few more people to buy for, i should clean out the fridge, etc. If you need some last minute ideas for some quick ninja like DIY gifts here you go. I will probably not do any of these things because although i'm always feeling generous... we are focusing on other things this year. I hope you all take time to enjoy the holiday chaos and make the merry most of it.

                                                                   terrarium lightbulb

tie dye circle scarf

Infused Vodkas

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