Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Brian was away visiting a friend this weekend and Moses went to visit his Dad. My house was so quiet I could barely stand it and listened to music the entire time. My family is like a song..In addition,one of my favorite things about our home is how much light comes into our windows.. when it's cloudy I'm just not as happy. So there you have it... Apparently I'm addicted... to Noise&Light. Happy Tuesday. What are you addicted to?

Thursday, July 26, 2012


my summer has been sweet and slow.. with lots of projects and summer happenings. Talks and plans of big little things. Watching apples grow, planting 4 types of mint, bonfires in our backyard... Looking and trying for a possible career change in the future.. If you stop swimming you will just sink. I am always trying to evolve and not confine my mind and soul into one box. right now we are just breathing... Letting the summer air fill our lungs and minds.