Saturday, January 7, 2012

~Weekend Projects:Stool Sample Before~

Stool Sample..... not really but it does look pretty shitty... It has been sitting in our kitchen since we moved in. I love the vintage style and the sweet 50's color and it was also Brian's Great Uncle's so it has some sentimental value. Since it's a balmy 52*(yes I even put my houseplants outside!) I'm working on it along with some other projects today. I will be chipping off the rest of the petrified plastic that is now like glass and working on cleaning/refinishing the chrome. Here is a link if you need some advice or tips when working with vintage chrome for old chairs, tables, bikes etc. Also a friend of mine says using FINE steel wool and WD-40 works well. The glue from the plastic treading is coming off pretty easy and I have high hopes that in the next week or so it will be looking a bit more fresh. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Margo !
    Was that you that just subscribed to my blog? If so....I am doing the happy dance right now ...I do that :)
    I read STOOL SAMPLE and had a big fat giggle! I love refurbed vintage chairs !!! Keep up the great work !

  2. Thanks Lynn! i polished the chrome for about 4 hours yesterday.... it is looking good.I know it sounds ridiculous but I am going to try to find more rusty chrome....instant gratification!

  3. When will the "after" shots show up?

  4. it is still being worked on! i thought about an "almost there" post... i was out of town all weekend and that is when i work on my projects. i really want the WOW factor. sorry Shane! you will have to wait!