Friday, October 19, 2012

~Color Palettes: Moth ~

                I saw this image recently and made a few color palettes with it at   this site. I originally thought the colors would be nice for our master bedroom & bath. But after a bit I fell harder in love with it... I imagined styling a fall outfit, making a piece of jewelry,  or even using a whole color theme throughout our house. The color combos are really endless but all earthy and lovely. You can make a palette using any image you wish and then you can style it. Colour Lovers is completely free and after you publish your creation it links actual paint colors that match the swatches in your palette! Fun! The best part of this whole thing is that a color theme is already made for you. So if you really love a soft minty gentle turquoise...but want a natural flow in your house here you go.  A lot of times people have 3 or 4 colors painted in their home that don't family well and make a "patchworky" house. That is charming in its own way but not for everyone. Have fun color loving and feel free to share your creations!

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