Friday, March 16, 2012

~Curvy and Classy~

as a "curvy lady" I have struggled with looking appropriate, professional, feeling cute and still being comfortable. I see a lot of woman who still haven't "gotten it" and I still hit some bumps along the way. I prefer casual, somewhat folky, and simple. Here is some Do's  for Curvy Ladie's Spring Clothes:

                     Spring Outfit  
                         ~ DO~
                                                                    Enhance curves by wearing stripes. Yes... everyone says horizontals are No-No's but this is a very simple casual dress that you can do alot with and stripes look great on everyone period. A jean jacket and colored flats would be something I would lean towards for work, but it would look nice with a ponytail and some low heels for a date. Make sure to create a waist with a belt, cardigan or blazer if you are short!Like me....

Wear tunic style tops, 
they lengthen your waist and cover your tummy and  possible unwanted muffin top.

A neutral classic coat that stops at the waist. You can wear this with a dress
as seen here, dress pants and a blouse, or jeans and a tee and still look
 slightly dressed up. Hey check out the stripe dress....... ;)

Pair a flowy Cardigan with a black tank and dark jeans. Make sure your tank is long enough to cover your  stomach but stops at right below the waist. This will create  your hips instead of looking like you are covering them .

image 1image 2,3,4

I must add I usually don't shop at F21. It targets a younger crowd but you can find cheap sensible stuff that is hip is you look and it does have a plus size section. Here are some online stores that you can go to for dressy or casual clothes that are reasonably priced and still fit appropriately for curvy ladies: Old Navy, Ruche, Modcloth, and American Eagle has sizes up to 18.


  1. Most important thing about choosing clothing: don't get hung up on the size printed on the tag. Try it on and don't suck in! Sit down and cross your legs. Stand up and do a squat. Bend over and touch your toes. Then ask yourself: Does this fit my body? Can I feel or see something hang out?

    The absolute worst fashion mistake you can make as a curvy lady is wear something that is just too small. It's got to be uncomfortable for you and it's certainly uncomfortable for everyone around you. Low-cut and skin-tight is not classy for men or women of any size.

    1. Agreed! While I do think everyone has there own sense of style and I certainly would never tell someone what "I" personally don't like. There is always room for improvement in everyone's wardrobe especially when you are "embracing" your body. There is a happy medium between longsleeve blouses and long skirts and ultra sexy which I have tried to show here.Thank you for your comment Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous!

  2. i know exactly how you feel about the curves situation, it's really hard sometimes.. and i find myself always looking for shirts i know will never look good on me

    1. Thanks for the comment Dania! Remember that a smile is the most classy thing you can wear with or without curves;)