Tuesday, June 5, 2012


so far this week has been immensely disappointing.... especially today. Yesterday, I stepped in a giant pile of BBQ sauce packets in the Walmart parking lot. Then I got home and Moses and I made that "tasty" recipe I posted for Monday fun. 'Twas AWFUL. Super salty, crumbly, and disappointing(however the dog liked it so I cut it up in bars and put in the freezer for an occasional high fiber high protein treat). Today, I could NOT find my sewing machine pedal and I haven't since I moved out of my old house. I will probably end up ordering one on Ebay and they run about $65.00! Also, you may have heard that Venus in in transit and was passing in front of the sun. Thanks to the cloudiest day in town history (possible exaggeration) we were unable to see it, missing our once in this lifetime opportunity to see such a celestial miracle. Since I wasn't able to sew I started stripping the paint off of a thrifted antique mirror today. After the first coat, I could clearly see I had bought the most painted old mirror ever. I managed to count 5 different colors in a chipped spot I found so it looks like that will be an all week project. I guess some good things happened yesterday & today too but somedays and sometimes you just need a "boos-day". Something that did make me smile today was looking at one of our apple trees against the clouds. It was our weakest and sickliest one but Brian nursed it back to life.
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