Sunday, June 3, 2012

                 ~ Easy Like Sunday Morning ~

Things have been going fast and busy. I'm looking forward to my first real week off for the summer. Our free time has been filled with mowing all the properties, repairs & painting &cleaning at our old house. Moses has had more than normal doctors appointments while we try to figure some stuff out. My Dad just had his colostomy reversed  and is finally back home and healing. Some of our other family members are still having severe health issues that we are praying start to mend, heal and vanish. We miss them healthy and have so many things we would like to share with them! Brian and I REALLY would like to do an old fashioned Belcher camping trip to Holly River with his family once his Dad is well. Traditions like those are made to stay alive forever. On a different subject our time hasn't really been "our time" since after the honeymoon. Every weeknight and weekend has been stuffed with responsibilities and obligations with little time for good times up until the past few weekends. We decided this past Saturday to take a day trip and it was so so good for Brian and I to refocus and decompress as a couple. I have some more fun things planned for this week.... 

making this yummy recipe

Southwest lace tunic - v-neck, geometric lace insert, boho, ivory jersey - small medium large
try to copy cat this shirt with some old lace i have stashed away

copycatting this lil idea by our kitchen door with a mailbox i found for $2.00 at a local junk hole then hit the pool with my favorite kiddo

yardwork! we have tons of it here..putting in our rock border, weeding and planting flowers and dreaming of our apples to be ready for us to eat

I've been getting rid of alot of my old things, downsizing and decluttering. We want room to breath & grow in this lil love nest. This is a good link to find out where you can donate your whats to your wheres.

Have a great week folks.... I'm hoping for a productive and happy one! 

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