Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~Mexicali Thriftin Blues~

This day ended up being TOTALLY great. It started off awful. Late alarm clock, split soggy coffee grounds, rain instead of snow, etc. I did my usual quick pop in thrift to see if I could find more vintage Christmas bulbs... no bulbs..... but I did find a gorgeous watercolor painting, a "new" antique carved wood frame for it, a lovely hand painted wooden bowl, and two VINO glasses that I hope to put to use as soon as they are properly cleaned.  I have never been to the desert but I had a dream a long time ago I was in one.... there were giant trees(i know..trees? in the desert? yes.) with huge(think table sized) red flowers on them. People were picking the giant red flowers off the ground and putting them in long baskets. The dream was quiet and slow and I was just walking and observing. This painting reminded me of that dream I had so long ago. Maybe the path in this painting leads to those trees? I'm looking forward to hanging it right above our bed and having sweet desert dreams. 

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