Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~All I want for Christmas: kiddo edition~

I have had so much inexplicable fun being Santa. Moses is such a great young man but he's still my kiddo and Santa will always come as long as you still believe. His lists have always been a refreshing collection of thoughts. In first grade he asked for a honey baked ham. In second he asked for some fine art for his room and crest whitening strips(he didn't get those but he did get a nice fancy new toothbrush and a cool art kit with some sketching and watercolor paper ). Never the run of the mill boring expensive stuff... always exceptionally hilarious and baffling. So here is the his list that he came up with on his on and I only modified one....
                                          Kiddo's List
Something to play with! It's been a long time tradition that Santa puts silly putty in his stocking and he expects it. I giggled when this is what he said. I'm not linking this. Find them at your local anywhere store. 

Something he needs- jeans. he is growing :( these are on sale! 

 Something to read-  Foxfire Books-he has shown a lot of interest in the art of doing things( growing his own tea, making moccasins, wanting to learn self sufficient manly type things etc.) he discovered these books from a great family friend and really wants a few this year for his own.  

Something he wants.....- He actually asked for Ninjas Stars. See? I told you. Always something off the wall. While he is teenager..... I cant think of any good reason he needs  ninja stars or why he would want them.. I found this more simple cool? book on the Art and History of Shuriken Jutsu( ninja star throwing :/  ) I know. I hope the "other Santa" burdens themselves with this task... I'm a little clueless on this. Ninja Stars! Jeesh! 

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