Sunday, March 27, 2011

~Feed Me Something Sunday~

*sigh**bigger sigh* Do ever have a perfectly planned day and it ends up being super funky(in a totally bad way)? That's what happened to us today. It started off with my cleaning SNOW(fudge 1) off my car. I went to get donuts(the delivery truck was late so they had slim picken'-fudge 2) and paper(stolen coupons!= fudge 3). We had a nice&lazy but short morning then i went to start my day: thrifting, an itsy bit o'cleanin, laundry, good home cooked dinner, and a family pic outside with those purty spring blooms.So I hop in the shower and I'm welcomed with icy cold water(booo.-fudge 4) We spent the better part of the day messing with it and found out we needed a new thermacouple(sounds romantic right? wrong-fudge 5) anywho... to stop all the whining and wrap it up this is my yummy-sometimes life don't go your way-expect the unexpected-you can't always get want what ya want so sometimes ya get donuts instead -post. Enjoy what is left of your Sunday and check out this fancy-schmancy donut maker so that you can always be prepared for a funky day.

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