Thursday, August 16, 2012

~Alphonse Mucha~

         I'm heavily influenced by my emotions. My emotions are heavily influenced by what I take in (visually, physically, spiritually) Whenever I need some good mind clarity or refocusing I like to look at art. Its usually online when I'm in bed... not as amazing as I like but its quick and easy. I can see photography, sculptures, paintings, graffiti, etc. and I can transport myself. One of my long time favorites and always will be is Alphonse Mucha. He has influenced a lot of artists and I commonly see hints (and the occasional tacky copycatting) of his work in others. His life is just as interesting, mysterious and magical as his work. Going to Prague and seeing his museum will always be one of the things I wish to do... maybe one day my wish will come true..maybe..

to learn and see more.....

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