Sunday, August 12, 2012

~Oakworms and other seemingly negative things that could happen~

Sometimes things are perfect... sometimes. A lot of times people say "Margo, you smile alot." or "It seems like you are always happy!" This could be construed that I'm a simple idiot bubbling through life... Untrue. My smiles come from embracing my Oakworms and finding some purpose for them in my presence. An oakworm essentially devours the leaves of a strong beautiful oak tree. Does it kill it? No. Does it cause some damage? Usually. Benefit it in the long run? Sometimes. You see..I like to think of myself like a strong oak. I'm growing, evolving on the surface and underneath. I've been thru some bad storms, been baked in the sun, went through some droughts, been shit on by "birds", etc. I've also gave some shelter, provided shade and swayed in the breeze. Occasionally, I have an oakworm find me... They nibble on a leaf and sometimes devour it. Sounds shitty? Um kinda.. But sometimes that leaf needed to go. Sometimes by getting rid of that leaf I grew a better one in its place. Oak trees NEED Oakworms. By realizing this you can continue to grow and keep yourself in check. If you have something eating at you... Let it go. Drop the leaf. Find out why it hurts. And realize sometimes that it truly is just a lowly worm and you are the tree. Plant your roots and wave your branches and let the sunshine in. * We came home from a wonderful weekend family visit and found these dirtbags on our lovely trees this evening. Brian got out the tripod, had a glamour shots session, and took this fabulously creepy photo...kudos to you dear husband...


  1. I strive to have this outlook on life, but I'm not always successful. Thanks for the reminder :) You have great timing, too, with my little meltdown not too long ago. As always, you're such an awesome inspiration. Thanks for the boost!

    1. We all need reminders Karen;) these ugly little critters reminded me so I had to share! glad I could help ya ~love always, m