Wednesday, November 21, 2012

~ Give Thanks~

1. A special bond that cousins share
2. The unexpected embrace and love for a new family member. All three of us have fallen head over heels for this special orange guy. Even the dog seems to be laying next to him closer and closer each day.
3. The silliness that happens. 
This year has had so many blessings. I feel like I could ramble on and on. The biggest thing I am thankful for is how much stronger our marriage has gotten in just one year. How we've started to find our places and become more of a lil family. It is a big adjustment for anyone but adding family members being very ill, my job being frustratingly inconsistent, moving into a home and selling an old one, creating new traditions, clinging to old ones, being down to one car for a few months.... you get it. Some other things I am also thankful for this past year in no particular order:

4. Finishing a craft and sewing space. It has given me a sense of freedom and creativity I have been missing.
5. My parents~Even though they are no longer together, they and their spouses have really been by our side  to help us through. Dad working on things with Brian around the house. My Mom helping me tackle jobs that really seem impossible some times.
6. coffee
7. Knitting- I've been "reteaching" myself and really gotten into it more than ever. I'm on Raverly and have a couple new pals that are really cool. It's opened up a whole new world for me that I'm really digging.
8.  our health~ early this spring we had a scary moment with Moses. I didn't talk much about it because it was all unknown and I was just putting my faith out into the universe. He has a severe cartilage deformity in his rib cage.His chest protrudes on the left side of his sternum then concaves on the other. It looked very worrisome but after an mri , ultrasounds and xrays we learned he was just fine. Now he says it's just "because he has such a big heart". I, of course, completely agree:) Our family Dr. was simply amazing and really showed how much she cares for her patients. I want to add her to my list.
9. Ridding myself of the things that don't matter. I saw a quote the other day "The things that matter aren't things." I have been able to part with stuff that was formerly sentimental. What I really want is a clutter free space to grow and create for us. That is what our lives are.
10. My old friends. They have been there through thick and thin. Even though we cant see as much of each other as we'd like our love never dies and only strengthens. Incredible souls surround this family.

I hope that this holiday weekend you take the time to give thanks... because so very often days are about taking but not taking the time to appreciate them.
                    ~Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends~

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