Friday, November 30, 2012

~All I want For Christmas~

I think as you get older your want for things change. I will always be a kid at heart and still love giving and getting surprises.... Brian always likes to give big gifts even though I have asked him repeatedly not to... I've learned to accept his generosity but he has also learned to be a little more realistic. This year I told him all I wanted was a pantry...we have the closet with a rubbermaid shelf in it. it is completely impractical and I would love for him to just put money aside for that...but my lil kid inside me does want some goodies...I thought it would be fun to put down things that all 3 of want this year. Starting with me:) I always follow a golden rule with presents for Moe. The old saying " Something they want, something they need, something to play with, and something to read." I can't really spoil what I have gotten him or Brian for that matter... so I will just have them pick from that little saying and see what they come up with. 
                                              ~ Mama's List~

1. something to read- ;) not really but i guess it is words...I have lots a books right now and have been doing other hobbies lately. Parker Brothers has came out with new board games that are in their old classic more sturdy style. I love playing board games and already told Santa I want this. I sure hope he brings it! While I was linking this I couldn't help but notice this has doubled in price since the last time I saw it. Not cool! It must be a popular item this year. 

2. something I need- a calendar! a cool one. I always get a lame leftover one mid February that has pigs in nun outfits etc.  this constellation one is sold out but I love the style and how it is also an art piece. 

3. something I want- stupid fun kitchen towels. the kind that have silly things on them. It seems like I'm forever buying the generic ones that aren't cool at all. BOO! I want stupid fun non practical ones! 

4. something to play with- I love old jewelry ! I think this new disposable jewelry trend of plastic-y crap from Forever21 and where ever else is ridiculous. My favorite pieces I have are all old: a turquoise watch my brother found in an old abandoned house, my Great Grandma's gold dipped sand dollar ( I remember picking it out with my Mom at the beach. She gifted it back to Mom then she gave it to me before she passed) , and the antique jade pendant Brian got me for our anniversary.  A timeless piece like an old locket, or something that was someone else's at one time would be a great gift. This old purple glass necklace from Friendly Fox vintage is really cool! 

So there ya have it. My lil list of things that would be neat gifts. Be creative with your gift giving! One year I got a tiny gift for each person from a thrift or antique store. I found some very sentimental special gifts! Some examples: ornaments, old records, an old cool purse with a nice new pair of earrings inside, etc. 

I am excited to see what the guys come up with and share! Merry Holiday shopping friends! 

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