Friday, April 1, 2011

~ Happy Camper ~

Last year I REALLY wanted a camper: pop-up, tear-drop or vintage, you know a dumpster on wheels that you can drag around with your car and make everyone suffer along at each cheesy(awesome) available camping spot you can scour. Well.. I still REALLY want one (and I'd like a teepee but one thing at a time). But, I hate to drop any money on one right now since we will be doing work to our new house. So it looks like another summer of hauling the tents. I don't mind at all...but I had to make a little inspiration post on some really cozy spots to hang.

                                      I cannot wait to go campin' this year!
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                                               you even more inspired


  1. Dude! My mom bought a tent camper last year and I went camping with her when I was stateside. Now I"M saving up to buy one! She passed the fever on to me and I CANNOT WAIT to get one...btw, ever heard of a yurt? =)

  2. Margo - You have to call my dad! I bet he would totally give you our pop up camper from the 70's! It's just sittin' in the barn yearning for adventure! BONUS: it's avocado green so you'll look super cool driving down the highway pulling this puppy! Not a bonus: it ways a ton, so plan your gas budget accordingly!