Monday, May 9, 2011

~Mother Lover's~

We had a whirlwind weekend ladies'n'lads. It consisted of :driving to my awesome Mom's in Indiana on Saturday, catching a concert at Madison Theatre in Covington, KY, then driving home yesterday,then driving out to the family river lot for a Momma's Day cookout and some outdoor fun, then driving to see my wonderful Step-Momma and give her a beautiful hanging basket. Here is a few pics to just sum up my crazy weekend. 

                       ~ Weekend Roadtrip~

~a lil like this~

~ and not so much this~ 

~ amish stand for Mother's Day goods~
~catching a show in KY~
~waking up to these lil guys on Mother's Day!Aren't they sweet!~

~ watching everyone eat these but not eatin' one myself :( it's ok.~

I'm glad to be home and catch up on just being here! Today kicks off a new post and something exciting that is all about me.

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