Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~Happy Lil Home~

 I'm planning a tiny garden this year.... with so much going on we can't get too big. But next summer, I will do all the things that are fun but so time consuming! (potatoes,corn,etc.) I usually do a garden every year but the past 2 summers I haven't been able to because of work and moving. I love gardening and I've done it my whole life. My mom was always an amazing gardener and my childhood memories of summer always included fresh picked strawberries, green peppers, tomatoes,homemade chocolate zuchinni cake made with fresh zuchinni, and breath taking zinnas. When I was 11, I planted my own herb garden and my favorite was chocolate mint. I would pick it and put it in my bath water!(yes, I was crunchy and strange even then). Here is a tiny preview.....
~some tasty herbs, definately basil~

~heirloom tomatoes~

for some reason my tomatos don't grow very well but the peppers always do
~zuchinni(those blossoms are yummy!)

~pumpkins! Im using the white ones for the weddin'~

~zinnas(these too!shhhh!)
I make some tasty jam.

~ I think this sign says it all~

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