Monday, May 23, 2011

~8 Weeks to a Better Me~

wow kiddies. I  just can't stop moving. I got the summer fever big time this year. I met my 25 mile challenge a day early on sat and chilled yesterday. I decided to up it again(holy crud) and try for 35... I did 8 today so I'm doing good and its only Monday. I'm pretty sunburnt and sore but my energy has been thru the roof the past couple days. I mean I go to bed and lay there wide awake which never happens. I'm excited to going swimming like nobodys business. I dabbled with the idea of trying a raw food diet for a week but I think I will wait until the produce drops in a couple weeks.

                               ~Week #3~
*plan our engagement photos
*35 miles this week
*invent a new smoothie
*take my vitamins(naughty naughty i usually don't)
*p.s. i gave up on spending any time on beauty treatments as a result im growing a beard, my gray streak is showing,and my cuticles look like a mummies

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  1. PROUD of you! Keep it up! kinda jealous too! wish I could get 20 miles in, hell!