Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~8 Weeks to a Better Me~

what week is it? How am I doing? I'm tired and I wish this thing was over. all this making me better is making me worse.I'm wiped out. I have been working nonstop(in the yard) at the new house trying to get it ready for moving in. Our garden is in and my good friend Abbie helped me bust out some hard core landscaping today. But enough about all that this week will be halfway over tommorrow. My goals for this week.....
                                 ~Week #6~
*20 minute herbal(lavender and mint) soak in the tub... all this sunshine and digging in the soil has been crispier and greasier than a piece of KFC chicken
*at least 60 miles of exercise
*finish the yard at the new place
*have a blast at my soon to be sistah's river lot partay this weekend{music,food,camping,FUN}i'm gonna eat a smore.

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  1. whooo... that's a lot of goals for one week. i hope to get them all done!