Sunday, June 5, 2011

~It happened on Craigslist~

I don't feel like doing my regular posts this weekend. My yardsale was financially a disaster. It was alot of wasted time and a waste of a suntastic day(but I did get to hang out with some friends and we traded some of our unwanted wares...I made out like a bandit.OOPS more stuff). I spent today cleaning, perusing the internet and line-drying laundry. I didn't cook anything either. I'm anticipating the end of the school year and my son being a high schooler. Plus he is going on his vacation with his dad right after school is out:( he will have fun but I will sure miss him.So I came up with a new post as I was being a lazy laptopper. You know all that really strange stuff you find on Craigslist and question how some people have a computer or are able to function legally in society?) this is my first post. for local folk you can find this lovely item in Athens,Ohio posted May 24 in the arts and craft section.......

A hand-made, pine frame filled with dirt and sod. A living grass bed for indoor use or moderate to light weather outdoor use. Enjoy the comfort of soft summer grass anytime of year. Bring the outdoors in! Easily maintained, support beams and flat plywood board lined with plastic prevents leaking and keeps moisture in for minimal watering needed.
Grass can be grown from seed or done with sod.

Price is negotiable, depending if buyer wants dirt and sod included.
Please contact for more details.

* yes blog readers this is the authentic advertisement word for word.... my favorite part? the creepy black sheeted walls. um can someone say amateur porn film sight? *barf* oh the comfort of soft summer grass anytime of year.

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  1. I don't like to mow my yard, I REALLY don't want to have to mow my bed!