Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~Currently Kindle Wednesday~

a story that will make you appreciate your messed up childhood.This is a wonderful book and Ive heard her book Half broke Horses is equally as reality gripping.  I'm thinking of starting the Hunger Games trilogy soon.... Moses read them in school and really liked them. I go thru phases with my reading.... I devour an author's lifetime of work in sometimes a week. It's quite pigish of me and so I've slowed down. But I do go thru some weird themes.. trilogys,shocking reality, outdoor adventure, straight historical, select authors, etc. Right now I'd say I'm on a woman power kick although I'm not sure that is something I would have ever sought out. It's just a personal observation. Now I know I keep saying this but let's get these post back in sync and with some kind of rhythm.


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  1. JEN LANCASTER!!! Chick is HY-larious!!! I've read everything of hers I can get my hands on on Guam.