Thursday, April 7, 2011

~Crafting With Tweens~

Easter Project~Part One

supplies needed:

*an assortment of paint swatches (bright spring colors)
*one adorable tween volunteer
a free printable egg template
* a good pair of scissors
* a carton of icecream...( we buy generic.. tweens have a rule of thumb that they will eat generally anything)
*a small hole punch
* white nylon bead thread
*some random buttons(optional)
* and if you are crazy busy like us a couple nights to finish this project!

oh my! So lovely!
~one happy helpful crafty tween~ ehhmm....

~much better~

trace your egg template on the back of the swatches.
use the lines as a guide if you are picky and care if they are even.

~let said "volunteer" take many high calorie breaks
(remember to be cautious of a tween out of there regular secluded enviroment of the bedroom)

~ a peek at your eggcellent project~
make sure you joke about the ridiculous color names because it's alot of fun

~ EEP!! How cool! I can't wait to show ya the finished project!~

The bottom banner is something I added to go with the project. Freehand a banner type triangle onto the backs of the larger swatches you see in the top photo. the little circles are already made to be removable so I just popped em out and glued em on the triangles! Easy Peasy! you can also use the larger samples for your eggs if you prefer them one color.


  1. OK - that does it - you need to move closer to me. I teach kids crafts and I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. We could do some serious crafting! I can't wait to see the finished project. Hopefully, Moe recovers from his ice cream hangover to finish it.

  2. I wish I did live closer! I miss everybody so much and there is never enough time to visit everyone! I will be in the first weekend of May to visit(Mother's Day!!) and I would love to see you! The kids craft thing sounds sooo fun! I'm trying to show on here that no matter what age your kids are you can still do this kinda stuff with them. CRAFTING IS COOL!

  3. Oh my goodness! Mo is sooo handsome! He looks just like you!
    Oh yeah, and I love the Easter Eggs! Donovan and I are dying to dye our eggs this weekend, but your project is so cool!
    Love it!