Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Oh So Good~

Ladies n gents, I found my marbles. finally. on a day like today. my first real spring break day. I went outside to enjoy the muddy yard and fresh air. I saw something shiny... i started digging....and there they were... my marbles. a lil muddy, a lil cruddy, but there were lots n lots. they huddled together and waited for me to find em. and i did.
* on a side note- i'm a digger.i think it was from watching goonies as a kid and starting out my life in an old town in illinois that was pretty involved with the a deep history for Native Americans(check out this link) I'm always looking for pieces of the past-old bottles, anything buried and forgotten, especially my marbles....(we even have a metal detector)
*on another side note- our house was built on an old dumping site.some say eww. I say yay! I might also add I know this drives Brian crazy but he loves me and puts up with my digger ways.
~ spring peepers~

~ only a handful(there is easily a truck load)~

~ my hands look so weird here... but my marbles look pretty dang fancy~


  1. I am SO glad you finally found your marbles. Mine are still lost!

  2. I know what you mean about old buried stuff. When I was a kid we moved into town. For several years every time we would plant anything in the backyard we would find tons of old marbles. The kind that are clear, but kind of tinted green. When they did some construction out front of where I work, they uncovered numerous old bottles and other oddities while digging. I wanted it all, but only ended up with an early Parkersburg bottled Dr Pepper bottle. Pretty interesting the stuff that gets buried.