Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~ Easy Like Sunday Morning~

~ a lady in waiting~
the past few weeks have flown by and I guess it's because I spent most of last week sick. I feel like all my Easter fun/blog posts have been put on the back burner but we have had so much exciting stuff happening that we haven't had time(or want) to be upset about it. First,  I should freshn you guys up on my lovely life.Brian and I have known since the beginning that we would never be apart and have always planned on getting married and havin this lil family grow a teensy bit more.... we started slow but our hearts beat fast and...well.... here we are today. In June we decided on a date with only one part of the plan. We wanted to get married on Blennerhassett Island in the Fall with an intimate gathering of family and friends. In July, we put the small fee down on the park and in early Sept. I got ahold of a guy to make fresh pressed apple cider during our wedding day. In October, he found the ring and Brian has been holding off for our perfect moment so that we could celebrate our love in private with just each other as the world around us was still in a spring quiet. We held each other Sunday morning at Fort Boreman as we looked at our little island waiting patiently for us, we took in the fresh air and early sunshine, sweet promises were spoken, then he gave me my ring. I know I have said before about how blessed I am but I can't put in words how fortunate I have become. My family has always been so supportive and amazing. Since I've met Brian's family they have welcomed Moses and I with open arms and nothing more.That has been so reassuring that this is the life I've been waiting for. I feel like I'm so lucky to have yet another family to call my own soon.

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  1. How sweet! Good things always come to those who wait. Love you guys!