Wednesday, April 6, 2011

~Currently Kindle Wednesday~


                                                      I read this book a little over a year ago and just absolutely loved it. In fact it was almost my first kindle post. I decided not to do it since I read it barepaperback but then today I saw a trailer for the movie!! With Reese Witherspoon!? The book was not what I expected at all(so sorry, I'm not saying anything).....  anyway I had to spill the beans and tell you the book is fantastic even though I can't vouch for the movie. You really should read it and enjoy it so you can say it's so much better than the movie and really mean it. Because if it's anything like Time Traveler's Wife (which I've read multiple times) the book really was best. I had a really craptastic day at work today, then a very long track meet,  came home late to cook dinner and our water was off because the line broke down the street, then I had to freeze(with a Dr. Freeze kit from drugstore) Moses's wart on his hand that he has fondly named Hogwart's and the little wart beside the giant wart is Hagrid's Hut. Goodness me I am beat down and I never enjoyed any of this awesome weather today. Tommorrow I will be back refreshed with an awesome spring craft post we worked on yesterday. Sleep well~m           P.S. get your own book by clicking on this link.......

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