Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Thriftin' for Gold~

~ I did a really obnoxious laugh really loud when I saw this.I can't wait to listen to it!~
I've had a really bad week at work. The kids in the class I'm in are really cool, but they are  really high needs and somewhat violent.I needed some me time so I quickstopped the Salvation Army on the way home hoping somebody cool did some spring cleaning(no such luck).Yes... digging thru second hand crap soothes me. I did find some stuff that made me kinda smile and something wicked cool for
a Thriftability post soon.
~Poor  Maw~

~more laughter.. it's a whiskey jug.~
and while looking for a plain black belt.........

~even the underside is crazy detailed~

~ thriftability coming ssssssoon!~

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