Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Inspired by This~

I was really excited to do this post. I have a nice little picture collection of things that I love but can't afford so that one day I can make them and love them even better than the photo.Now that I have this blog to keep me motivated....This is my first assignment!No more drooling and wishin' I'm making this(my motified version with cheaper less cool fabric) over the weekend and should have a nice new pillow to show off for next tuesday. Also, I'm working hard on a post that is all about my cousin Mallory's up and coming wedding!! We have been chatting back and forth about our ideas and I'm as excited for her as much as I am for myself! P.s. we are finishing up our Easter Garland and I will do a post later this week with Part Two so don't getchur'panties twisted.


Oh! and While you are over at anthropologie looking at cute schtuff  look at these pretty things for your feet.....

~Robin's egg polish~

and these fancy yellow sandals...............
~Mellow Yellow Strappy Heels~
actually they are called Lemon Cooler...

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